About the Author, Jim Hodges: Many Men In One, is the title of this man, according to those who know him best. Highly decorated detective,and two time law enforcment officer of the year, licensed law enforcement instructor, licensed professional security instructor,combat veteran of the Vietnam War, Inventor w/ 3 U.S. Patented products, selling since the 1980's, and personal defense expert. Film producer,director, and actor.

Personal Defense - Play the Game !

YOU - are the weapon !

The pericope of Cain and Abel didn't teach us a thing. We make the same unquestioned mistakes historically, from past to present - and what is the cost ? Get serious about protecting yourself, don't just read this article, Learn to play the game!

Play the Game - You probably never thought of personal defense that way, but that's exactly what you've been doing virtually all your life. Hopefully someone schooled you in your early youth about not going with the man in the van to help him find his little puppy. It is a Game, and as all games, there are winners, and losers - so what do you lose? Play the game smart, or you could lose it all! If you locked your doors last night before you went to bed, and locked your car at the mall, you're playing the game - but, who sets the rules, who forces you to play? The answer is historic and succinct - Cain, and his ilk - people who do bad things. They force you to play a game that is as lop - sided as a chess national master competeing against the average person, who has never played. The national master, your opponent, has spent his life worrying about the game, and perfected certain tricks of the trade. You, on the other hand, are never intimidated by this opponent, unless you would be forced to play his game - and life, or death are the stakes! To be brief about this, that's the way personal defense works. Complacency takes your mind away from the game, and you're not snapped to the playing field until the game is called, the stakes are apparent, and - it's probably too late for you to win. More dangerously, you never get to choose your opponent - THEY choose to play with you - AND THEY chose the rules, as well as the game. Sound hopeless? It is, if you keep allowing yourself to be misled, misinformed, and believeing that someone else is going to help you - worst of all, that all you have to do is Be Aware!

Being Aware is NOT good enough! You better have more than that going for you, because the simple truth is, that the game's master has more than that going for him.

Let's talk about misinformation first, because there's plenty of that around. You have to pay a lot of money for misinformation ... believing that you're being credibly informed. Misinformation usually comes from someone who is mistaken about what they are teaching, do not have the proper experience, or a general spout source of personal defense messaging, such as media sources, et al. Let me cut to the facts, and give you some hard questions to ask to any so - called teacher of personal defense :

·       How many real - life violent encounters have you been personally involved in?

·       Did you personally use the techniques, weapon, or information that you want to teach to me, to live through those encounters?

·       How many times have you personally interviewed, and worked in investigations involving violent criminals?

·       How can you convince me through facts, evidence, and experience that you know violent criminal behavior?

·       If you are taking firearms personal defense instruction: How many real - life gun fights have you personally been involved in? Are you going to teach me the same tactics that caused you to live through those encounters?

These questions will get you started in the right direction, and guard you against snake oil salesmen making a ton of money off of your ignorance, and fear of crime, criminals, and real - life street business. They hold themselves out as experts, by writing articles, teaching classes of various types of personal defense, and in a lot of cases, selling you a gun, pepper spray, or taser as the ultimate form of personal defense. As a certified bad man once stated, the truth lives on the sidewalk man - NOT in the dojo - you pull somethin' on me, you better be good, 'cause I'm in the game!

Finally, let's talk about real solutions to your questions on this topic. The wisest warrior is he that avoids the conflict ... A-Men! How do you avoid the conflict ? It takes more than being aware - it takes vigilance. Vigilance is the mastery of focused Critical Thinking toward the many truths of your Earthly circumstances. Developing your eye to see things that the common citizen would walk right into. The best example of this is in law enforcement. The rookies' eye is not trained yet, to see expired inspection stickers 300 yards away in the pitch of night, but the veteran officer sees them in his sleep, when he's on vacation, and he can spot a felon like a Las Vegas road sign. The proverbial police gut, is developed by proper education by mentors who have really been there, done that , and experience in real - life practice, until training, becomes instinct.

Follow many warriors with a vast array of real - life experiences if you want to become one. No one knows it all, and on top of that, unfortunately they may not be honest. Remember, you are trying to become a master in a game that never allows you the time. Play the game smart, or you could lose it all!

I present this article as a public service, in hope that it will cause you to gain perspective, and ferret the proper route to educate yourself on personal defense. I hope you encourage anyone you love to read this short work, and continue in their efforts at staying alive, safe, whole, and happy - there can be no greater virtue in life.

I leave you with one final teaching from me, to you, and those that you love : Survival is a four letter word, and it's not good enough - because when you merely survive a violent encounter, you exchange LIFE for EXISTENCE. I have learned to LIVE through the many violent encounters I have witnessed. If you are struggling with the aftermath of victimization, please know that LIFE can return from the darkest of circumstances, I'm living proof of it. I was a survivor of combat operations during the Vietnam War, and learned this from the greatest mentor I've ever encountered. I had someone teach me that this mindset is fatal, and totally unacceptable. Don't be a victim, be a mentor to ALL of us ... WE need your testimony to learn.

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